Hello friends!Name's Rachel. I'm 19, born on May 4th, and I'm a dork.I like video games (Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, etc!), doodling, Homestuck, Furries and adorably nice people.Never be afraid to message me! My kik is ceilingcoon, steam is Toxickitsune, and you can ask for my skype.Feel free to stop and say hi!(P.s. Smile! Be happy!)



When you trip and your spaghetti falls out your pocket by KingBach

Anonymous asked
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•I’ll upload a picture later
•name of crush: Blake, aka mamabirdmedic
•religion: idfk i have no religion currently? I’m not really set in one so don’t hate me
•state of origin: Maine!
•favorite songs: King-Lauren Aquilina, Everything’s Alright-Laura Shigihara
•No favorite band
•Full Name: Rachel Ann Bean
•Favorite book: Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
•Favorite Animal: Fox
• Not religious
• cats or dogs?: Both!
• dominant hand: Right!
• Oceans or lakes? Oceans
• star sign: Taurus
• eye color: dark brown
• Favorite character: Pyro or the balloonicorn from Team Fortress 2
• writer or reader?: dhdhskd both?
• hair color: brown
• gender?: female
• last vacation?: idr
• silver or gold?: silver

Ya guys know what

Go follow mamabirdmedic because she is choice and amazing